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Back Down the Boundaries Between People 


Love everyone as they are

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I am a Grade 10 student at UWC ISAK Japan with a rich background in community involvement and leadership. I started attending an international school at the tender age of three, where I began to develop a passion for community service.


In fourth grade, I conducted a research project on "Relative Poverty in Japan" and delivered a well-received presentation at the Woman Dream Plan Presentation held in Tokyo and Osaka. This experience fueled my desire to become more actively involved in poverty relief organizations.


In my first year of junior high school, I was moved by my encounter with Syrian refugees, and established a student organization called HEART (Help Empower and Assist Refugees Today) and served as its representative. Additionally, I have held leadership positions in other student organizations that focus on humanitarian aid.


In my third year of junior high school, I transferred to UWC ISAK Japan. Currently, I am participating in an internship program with HI LLC and leading a project called "Our Beauty Our Challenge," to melt and connect the boundries between people and countries.

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